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The BARF Diet

Pris 259 kr

Av Dr. Ian Billinghurst

”The Barf Diet” is very much a book for the beginning BARFer. However, it has also been written for vets, breeders, trainers, pet owners or any other person seeking to either understand or expand their knowledge of evolutionary diets for our companion animals, the cat and dog. In other words, it has much new, interesting and useful information for the experienced BARFer as well as serving as a primer for the uninitiated.

The BARF diet presented in this book is a simple, practical and commonsense alternative to the health destroying processed pet foods.

This book starts out by providing the reader with the sound scientific principles on which the evolutionary diet – the BARF diet – is based and outlines the enormous health benefits available for any animal fortunate enough to be fed that way. At the same time, readers will quickly appreciate why feeding grain based pet foods is so dangerous to the long-term health of modern pets.

In the second half of the book, the reader is presented with recipes and other highly relevant and practical information to assist in the home production of BARF diets for both dogs and cats. Included in this section is a Chapter on ”Trouble-shooting” and one on ”Switching to BARF”.

The basic inescapable theme of this book is that animals are much healthier when fed their evolutionary diet. A diet based on whole raw foods. The diet they are designed to eat by a long process of evolution.

Give Your Dog A Bone

Pris 378 kr

By Dr. Ian Billinghurst

“Give Your Dog a Bone” deals exclusively with feeding dogs. It is written for people who want easy to read, commonsense guidance on feeding their dogs for maximum health, least cost and least impact on our environment.

The information in this book is the culmination of years spent talking to clients concerning their dog´s feeding habits, conducting feeding trials, reading, attending lectures, and learning from whatever reliable source was available, as much as possible concerning the relationship between diet, health and disease in dogs.

Each page contains valuable information for anyone who is involved with dogs, including veterinary surgeons, veterinary students, dog breeders and dog owners generally. It is an absolute must for the owners or potential owners of new puppies.

“Give Your Dog a Bone” is the first book in a series dealing with feeding companion animals for maximum health. These books have been inspired by the continued observation that dogs and cats fed their natural whole food diet are far healthier than when fed cooked and processed foods.

Grow Your Pups with Bones

Pris 419 kr

By Dr. Ian Billinghurst

"Grow Your Pups with Bones" is the second book in a series dealing with feeding companion animals for maximum health. The first book in this series – Give Your Dog a Bone – contains important background material and where possible should be read first.

The mission of Grow Your Pups with Bones is firstly, to show the dog owning fraternity how easy it is to produce healthy pups without the losses, headaches and heartaches so many breeders experience, and secondly, how easy it is to grow pups into healthy adults with a sound skeletal system.

Grow Your Pups with Bones is divided into three parts.

The first part introduces the Bones And Raw Food (BARF) diet for feeding dogs. This method of feeding dogs is the very heart of Grow Your Pups with Bones. It is based on the dietary needs of dogs as shaped by several hundred thousand years of evolution.

The second part is about breeding. In particular – feeding for breeding. It details the practical common sense approach to producing an optimum number of healthy pups with a minimum of fuss. The BARF diet is central to this pup-producing programme.

The third part is about growing pups into healthy adults that do not develop Hip or Elbow Dysplasia, or any of the other skeletal diseases which are so common in modern dogs. Central to this third part of the book is the BARF programme of diet and exercise.

The basic theme of this book, the BARF diet, has been inspired by the continuing observation that companion animals are much healthier when fed their biologically appropriate diet based on Bones And Raw Foods.

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